Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Q&A with Yinibini

What is your craft all about?
Yinibini is known for its pop-art chic look, and a celebration of color. Each item is handmade with love of the art of design and color.

What inspires you to make what you make?
I love color! I like to see how colors interact and how people enjoy the end result.

What is your favorite piece/product you will have with you at the Handmade Mart?
The sterling silver amethyst earrings : vibrant purple, with a unique combination of raw and smooth amethyst! I also love the peridot, amethyst and yellow jade sterling silver necklace. Gosh, it's hard to choose!

Where can folks find your craft outside the Handmade Mart?
Check out www.yinibini.com to shop and also for a list of boutiques and more information on how you can host jewelry parties!

Find me at booth #43!

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