Saturday, May 16, 2009

Q&A with Pash!

Explain your band's name and how you formed.
Pash is Australian slang for making out. Erik and I met in college. I had a crush on him and we started a band together. It didn't work out between us in that way.

What are your influences and worst equipment experiences?
Our influences collectively are Dismemberment Plan and 90's alt rock but we all have different individual influences. I think every show we have a band equipment experience! haha

What's your favorite local hangout and best stage you've played?
Sticky Rice! Erik and Ryan work there. Black Cat is always fun to go to. The best stage is anyone that has a lot of room for us to move around.

Where can the adoring public see you next?
We don't have any shows scheduled yet! Check for more info!

See Pash play on the music stage at 12:00 pm!

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