Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q&A with Sardine Clothing

What is your craft all about?
Everything we create is individually handmade using recycled materials. Our vision is to create beautiful, fun, comfortable pieces that have little or no impact to the environment. Sustainable solutions for the next generation of consumer.

What inspires you to make what you make?
I have always made things from existing materials, I believe that there is value in everything in our lives and try to reuse everything that I can. Creating wearable art using an item that has little value after a few years is very appealing to me.

What is your favorite piece/product you will have with you at the Handmade Mart?
I am still in love with the T-Skirt. I feel it is the most versatile piece that we make. I love that each one is completely unique and original.

Where can folks find your craft outside the Handmade Mart?
The skirts are sold in stores in PA and NJ which are listed on our website: www.sardineclothing.com. We also offer direct sales and custom orders from the website, etsy and Ebay. Customers will often leave testimonials about our products on our Facebook fan page.

Find us at booth #56!

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