Thursday, May 21, 2009

Q&A with The Aquarium!

Explain your band's name and how you formed.
I used to play just the black keys on the Wurlitzer and watch the fish in an aquarium in my room. When we first started it was more like dreamy "watching fish" music.

What are your influences and worst equipment experiences?
I like melodies. My first record was Sousa marches played by a calliope. We were at a skate park and it was dark setting up and I couldn't find any of my cords. I finally got one keyboard to work and Laura played beats while skaters were flying off a half pipe about 2 inches from my face.

What's your favorite local hangout and best stage you've played?
This time of year I hang out on my porch with some iced tea. I also love the Botanical Garden. I would love to play a show in the jungle room there.

Where can the adoring public see you next?
We just recorded two songs and hope to have them available very soon. Excited to play Handmade Mart! Hopefully we will get on a bill at Fort Reno this summer and a tour in August.

See The Aquarium play on the music stage at 3:00pm!

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