Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q&A with Block Party Press

What is your craft all about?
My craft is about combining some of my favorite techniques into one outlet. When I make my jewelery and art, I incorporate elements of printing, carving, sculpting and painting. I create my own stamps from original drawings and use them to create texture in the clay. I then use paint to add color, texture and dimension. Finally I strategically distress them to give them my signature look.

What inspires you to make what you make?
I am inspired by just about everything around me. I get a lot of ideas from nature, but I'm also inspired by the textures, lines and contrasts found in everyday life. I can also get inspiration from a song lyric or a funny saying, it just depends on what strikes me at the moment. I am fascinated by artistic inspiration, so I blog about what inspires me and my work on a fairly regular basis. http://blockpartypress.blogspot.com

What is your favorite piece/product you will have with you at the Handmade Mart?
My favorite items right now are in my new necklace series called "Out on a Limb". They feature a branch with different items dangling. Each one has a special meaning and all of the latest additions to series were inspired by Spring.

Where can folks find your craft outside the Handmade Mart?
I have an etsy shop, http://blockpartypress.etsy.com and a blog : http://blockpartypress.blopgspot.com and in June I will be in Baltimore at "Pile of Craft" and in July at "Artscape".

Find me at booth #54!

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