Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Q&A with Lemon Cadet

What is your craft all about?I'm interested in making cute stuff that's not snarky and not sickeningly sweet. Now that I have a kid of my own, I've realized just how difficult it is to find good outfits. I also try to have the best craftsmanship possible so that the pieces can be handed down to other kids and last a long time.

What inspires you to make what you make?
The Lemon Cadet designs are inspired by things I find in nature, vegetables that grow in the little garden beside our house and other silly things I come across. I'm also thrilled by the amazing fabrics that are available.

What is your favorite piece/product you will have with you at the Handmade Mart?
I love these new rompers that I made. The little guys have huge bellies like my daughter and these crazy long swirly curly tails made from dotted swiss. I can't wait for people to see them.

Where can folks find your craft outside the Handmade Mart?
Etsy, of course! http://LemonCadet.etsy.com.

Find me at booth #4!

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  1. I happen to be the proud owner of a Lemon Cadet Yeti tee and a yeti onesie and they're awesome! Great stuff and great interview.