Monday, November 16, 2009

Vendor Q&A with Fisticuffs Leather

What is your craft all about?

It's about taking discarded leather materials already in our environment and re-purposing them into functional, wearable art.

How did you get started in your craft?
Well, I bought a motorcycle and decided I needed something to fill that void between your glove and the bottom of the sleeve. I found a really cool old belt and made a cuff out of it. Once my friends saw it they all had to have one too. I've had a real passion for making them since.

Where has your craft taken you?
The sky is the limit with my craft. I continue to expand my retail base as well as craft festivals on the weekends.

Where can folks find your wares outside of Handmade Mart?
I am in quite a few locations in and around DC. DC: Meeps on 18th NW, DC Pyramid Art on Georgia Ave. Silver Spring Caramel, U ST NW, DC Baltimore: Red Tree, 36th St. Hampden Baltimore Blue House, Kenilworth Shops, Baltimore Philadelphia: Art Star, 2nd Ave., Phila. Delicious Boutique, American St. Phila Square Peg Artery, Rittenhouse Sq. Phila.

Visit me at booth #28!

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